How to Spot Victims
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Sex trafficking — the forced prostitution of women and girls — is a billion-dollar industry and growing. As shocking as it may seem, it is happening here in America. It is happening in your city, at this very moment. That is why The WellHouse needs your help. By collaborating with law enforcement, we can rescue victims from the sex trade — nurturing and helping them realize their potential. Together, we can change the story of these lives.

A place of grace.

The WellHouse is a nonprofit, faith-based and Christ centered organization devoted to the rescue and recovery of women who are being sexually exploited. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, we reach out to victims of sex trafficking across the southeastern United States. In our program, victims are given shelter, food, clothing, spiritual guidance, and other necessary support. In the care of the WellHouse, exploited women are empowered to reclaim their stolen lives.

A victim is a person who needs to be rescued.
A survivor is someone who has been rescued.
An overcomer is someone who has been healed.
Julie Shematz – Director of Beauty From Ashes

No one is turned away.

Any woman who has been prostituted, sexually exploited, or sexually trafficked is welcome at the WellHouse. Regardless of race, color, creed, or religion, women in pain can be assured they will find love and acceptance in our arms.

Just make one call to our toll-free helpline — 1-800-991-0948 — and a journey to freedom will begin.

In their own words.

“There’s not a lot of people in this world who will show you that same grace and love you no matter what. And that’s a good feeling.” — Sarah