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My home is nowhere….I am a gypsy! I have a need inside of me to always be on the move, so I chose the profession of truck driving. Because truck stops and truck drivers are so closely associated with the plight of human trafficking victims, this did not sit well nor make a lot of sense to the staff of The WellHouse. However, my sexual exploitation happened where it should never have occurred: in a church and by the pastor. In spite of their reservations, The WellHouse staff supported me in my desire to obtain schooling to become a truck driver. As soon as I finished my class and passed my test, I was on my way. I am very grateful to The WellHouse for being there for me and for providing me the opportunity to learn to be still for a while and reaching my goal.      –Katherine

I never felt truly loved. My father didn’t want me. He beat my mom while she was pregnant in hopes of losing me. My father left my mom and me after I was born. My mom always blamed me for my father leaving. I was crushed after my mom told me the truth – a very hurtful truth. It explained why I always felt like an outsider in my home. I ran away, into more trouble that I could have imagined. I was sold, abused, raped and used drugs to lessen the pain of a loveless life. The WellHouse came at a time that I truly needed. The unfamiliar feeling of being loved has become familiar because of the staff, volunteers and church family.     -Denise

My parents are no longer alive due to drugs and several of my siblings are either dead or incarcerated. My life has been full of unhappy chaos. The only relative who was able to help me, my grandmother, has been busy with my other siblings and their children, so, I was left to take care of myself. I was a prime target to be lured into trafficking when I began dancing in strip clubs. I wanted to believe that the person who was forcing me to do the unthinkable cared for me, but, that was not the case. Even after having a child, I still was being forced into this life. Finally, I had had enough of this horrible existence and reached out to a group in another state who helps to rescue trafficking victims. They do not have a home or program, so they told me about the WellHouse. I am so happy to be here with my child, and I am excited about my future and grateful for the opportunities I now have!       –Cindy