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One of the best blessings we can receive at The WellHouse is to hear from one of our graduates how the ministry changed her life. To say that “Erica’s” life was transformed would be an understatement. In her own words, “Erica” shares her journey and how she was set free.
I am one of the ladies who was blessed to come out of the well house cuz I was one of those Souls that was lost ! Oh God was I so sick… so sick !!!! I was in so much PAIN so much SHAME I didn’t know if I even want to live anymore!! I don’t think I did, but because the WELLHOUSE is filled with so much love from these ladies, mentors, amazing staff, and counselor, & I didn’t know if I’d ever stop crying… I would cry out to a GOD I didn’t even know… with all their guidance slowly, gradually I could breathe. I could pick my face up off the ground. I can look at myself in the mirror for the first time ..for so many years I couldn’t even look at me… I hated me , I hated everybody.. I’ve had my bumps and bruises but they gave me the courage gave me that unconditional love to get back up and I got back up today little over three years later I am free I’m free from drugs alcohol bondage I help others now, I give them hope now and it’s all because of the ones who taught me how to live taught me how to Love!!!! God bless all of you that have a hand in the WELLHOUSE and to all the girls out of there DONT GIVE UP BEFORE THE MIRACLE HAPPENS please!!! many blessings for this new year to everyone!      –Erica

I never felt truly loved. My father didn’t want me. He beat my mom while she was pregnant in hopes of losing me. My father left my mom and me after I was born. My mom always blamed me for my father leaving. I was crushed after my mom told me the truth – a very hurtful truth. It explained why I always felt like an outsider in my home. I ran away, into more trouble that I could have imagined. I was sold, abused, raped and used drugs to lessen the pain of a loveless life. The WellHouse came at a time that I truly needed. The unfamiliar feeling of being loved has become familiar because of the staff, volunteers and church family.     -Denise

My parents are no longer alive due to drugs and several of my siblings are either dead or incarcerated. My life has been full of unhappy chaos. The only relative who was able to help me, my grandmother, has been busy with my other siblings and their children, so, I was left to take care of myself. I was a prime target to be lured into trafficking when I began dancing in strip clubs. I wanted to believe that the person who was forcing me to do the unthinkable cared for me, but, that was not the case. Even after having a child, I still was being forced into this life. Finally, I had had enough of this horrible existence and reached out to a group in another state who helps to rescue trafficking victims. They do not have a home or program, so they told me about the WellHouse. I am so happy to be here with my child, and I am excited about my future and grateful for the opportunities I now have!       –Cindy